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August 2nd , 2005: Biweekly Highlights
This notice provides announcements and links to new nutrition and aging information.

Of Special Interest

AoA releases its annual report highlighting accomplishments and progress in transportation, access to social, informational and health support, and more.

New AoA sponsored on-line tool for older adults to learn more about Medicare and benefit entitlement

View pictures and read speech from the OAA 40th Anniversary celebration at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Conference in Bellevue, Washington

Report from the Brookings Institute: Can rich countries afford to grow old?

Report from the ERS: Food stamp program entry and exit: an analysis of participation trends in the 1990s

Resources and Web links

Problems With Taste tool from the NIH has been updated

Free Spanish language arthritis information for Hispanic Seniors from NIH

Link between aging and heart disease explored in new NIA publication

FDA announces availability of two manuals to help prevent food-borne disease:

Managing food safety: A manual for the voluntary use of HACCP principles for operators of food service and retail establishments

Managing food safety: A regulator's manual for applying HACCP principles to risk-based retail and food service inspections and evaluating voluntary food safety management systems

FRAC releases advocate's guide to the disaster food stamp program . Outlines the ways those concerned about the aftermath of disasters can maximize nutrition assistance for low-income groups

The Urban Institute releases Perspectives on Productive Aging series:

Many older Americans engage in caregiving activities by Richard Johnson and Simone Schaner

Older adults' engagement should be recognized and encouraged by Sheila Zedlewski and Simone Schaner

Satisfaction and engagement in retirement by Barbara Butrica and Simone Schaner

Search tool from the USDA: What's in the foods you eat?

Research and Reports

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