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June 16th , 2006: Biweekly Highlights
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Of Special Interest



House of Representatives set to vote to reauthorize Older Americans Act H.R. 5293, the Senior Independance Act of 2006, on Monday or Tuesday, June 19th or 20th.

Older Americans Act Re-authorization update:

The US House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce, Report 109-493, HR 5293, the Senior Independence Act of 2006 is available here

Interesting reading in this 161-page Report:

Older Americans Act wording changes:

Section 19: NSIP, p 12

Sections 22-27: Nutrition Service, Congregate Nutrition Program, Home Delivered Nutrition Program, Nutrition, Criteria and Evaluation of the Nutrition Program, pp 13-15

Summary of sections 22-27, pp 35-36

Committee Statements, pp 48-51

Section by Section Analysis, p 68

The US Senate has not addressed the OAA Re-authorization


EurekAlert: Men face rising osteoporosis risk

Resources and Web links

CDC: Trends in Health and Aging website redesigned

AmberWaves: A Web-based tool for assessing the costs of food-borne disease


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