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November 2nd , 2006: Biweekly Highlights
This notice provides announcements and links to new nutrition, physical activity, and aging information.

Of Special Interest


HHS Secretary Announces Development of Physical Activity Guidelines at National Prevention Summit

Health behaviors of adults: United States, 2002-04


Choices for Independence: A National Leadership Summit


Older Americans Act reauthorization


Trends in health and aging

Nutrition monitoring in the United States

Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination coverage among persons aged >65 years: United States, 2004-05

The Commonwealth Fund

Nursing homes: Finding the good, avoiding the bad

Resources and Web links

IOM Food and Nutrition Board. The definitive summary resource about nutrient reference values: The essential guide to nutrient requirements

USDHHS and AHRQ: Guide to clinical preventive services 2006


Guide to Medicare's preventive services

Quick Guide to Health Literacy

Live Well Age Well: Live Healthy Georgia - Seniors taking charge: A community intervention report

Metlife: Market survey of nursing home and home care costs

Milbank Memorial Fund report: Public housing and supportive services for the frail elderly: A guide for housing authorities and their collaborators


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