From the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging:

January 18th , 2007: Biweekly Highlights
This notice provides announcements and links to new nutrition, physical activity, and aging information.

Of Special Interest


HHS launches new web site promoting long-term care planning: Essential planning tool to help americans own their own future


Older Americans not discussing complementary and alternative medicine use with Doctors

FDA - Request for comments on:

Proposal to update calcium and osteoporosis health claim (end date 3-21-07)

Approaches to the regulation of conventional foods being marketed as functional foods. (end date 3-5-07)


Call for presentations in Fort Worth (Deadline 2-1-07)

Application for grants through the Jack and Eleanor Borden Fund for programs interested in starting or expanding a kosher meals program

Resources and Web links

Georgetown University

National spending for long-term care

Medicaid and long-term care


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