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June 15th, 2007: Biweekly Highlights
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Of Special Interest


Characteristics and Health of Caregivers and Care Recipients


2007 Innovation in Prevention Awards. To nominate a program or obtain additional information please visit

A Framework for Identifying High-Impact Interventions to Promote Reductions in Late-Life Disability

Improving Hispanic Elders' Health: Community Partnerships for Evidence-Based Solutions


2008 Conference of the National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging. Check the for details.

Resources and Web links


Position of the American Dietetic Association: Food and Nutrition Professionals Can Implement Practices to Conserve Natural Resources and Support Ecological Sustainability. J Am Diet Assoc. 2007;107:1033-43.


Center for Health Policy Research Report: Falls, Disability and Food Insecurity Present Challenges to Healthy Aging


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