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Emergency Preparedness Atlas: US Nursing Home and Hospital Facilities
  The Emergency Preparedness Atlas is designed to support State and local planning and response efforts for a bioterrorism or other public health emergency. The Atlas includes: Case Studies: The Atlas uses maps to illustrate case studies of North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, and southern California. For each case study, a series of maps displays the size range (number of beds) and distribution of nursing homes and hospitals relative to that State’s population. Additional maps show the facilities relative to various emergency preparedness regions such as Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, and Trauma Coordination as well as Red Cross Chapters. State-specific maps: Each of these 51 maps (including the District of Columbia) indicates the location and size range of nursing homes and hospitals serving the resident population. In addition, each map shows the percentage of the population living in urban areas for each county in the State. In Appendix B, tables present the data illustrated on each map. The Atlas is intended to stimulate productive discussion about how nursing homes may be used to handle a surge of patients in response to emergency situations—it is not a review of the quality or adequacy of preparedness efforts in any area. The Atlas can help explain the State-specific regulatory environment of nursing homes with respect to surge capacity and illustrate nursing home geographic distribution in the United States. Maps display the location of hospitals and nursing homes relative to the regional boundaries used by a variety of emergency management and bioterrorism preparedness organizations to coordinate services. An atlas allows research questions related to space to be developed and encourages the data to be explored in ways that may have have not been considered when using more traditional methods of data analysis.
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