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About the Mini-Grantees
Eat Better & Move More

10 Demonstration Projects

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Active Aging, Inc.

1034 Park Avenue

Meadville , PA 16335

Phone: 814-336-1792

Contact: Pam Roberts

Email: proberts@activeaging.org

Active Aging is the Area Agency on Aging in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania operating eight senior centers daily. Active Aging serves approximately 1,400 congregate and 400 home delivered meals to older Americans five days per week. Participants at the congregate meal sites are nutritionally-at-risk, and include 75% at or below the poverty level, 72% women, 49% ages 65-69, and almost 10% are functionally-disabled .

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program is being conducted at 3 senior centers. One site is offering evening sessions to accommodate those older adults who work. This site is almost finished and data will be available soon.


Alameda County , Area Agency on Aging

6955 Foothill Blvd, Suite 300

Oakland , CA 94605

Phone: 510-577-3538

Contact: Mary Louise Zernicke

Email: mlzrnic@acgov.org

Alameda County AAA provides subcontracted food services for Brown Bag, congregate, and home delivered meals to older adults in the Oakland Bay Area. Averages of 390 congregate meals are served each weekday to a diverse population. Over 60% of the clients are poor, over 70% are minorities and over half are at high or moderate nutrition risk.

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program was conducted at 5 sites; all are urban, racially and ethnically diverse. A total of 102 older adults joined the program. Feedback from older adults who participated in the Eat Better and Move More 12 week Program:

•  I learned so many new things about healthy eating and the importance of walking and exercising.

•  Meeting with people of similar age and sharing helped me see how important it is to look at the healthier ways of aging.

•  Right from day one I knew this program was going to be a winner! Every session was full of good information on eating and exercise.

•  The Tips & Tasks to Eat Better & Move More are excellent—both new ideas and confirmation of old ones.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation

1601 S. Gordon Cooper Drive

Shawnee , OK 74801

Phone: 405-878-4833

Contact: Denise Smith

Email: dmith@potawatomi.org

Citizen Potawatomi is a Title VI program serving a rural population. The project is uderway at a new 23,000 square foot Wellness Center with an indoor walking track.


Detroit Area Agency on Aging

1333 Brewery Park , Suite # 200

Detroit , MI 48207

Phone: 313-446-4444

Contact: Rosie Staples

Email: staplesr@DAAA1A.org

Detroit AAA serves a racially diverse older adult population. About 25% of the older adult population lives in poverty, and 82% are at nutritional risk with limited ability to walk long distances. This is further compromised with Detroit being classified as the fattest city in the United States . Detroit AAA provides one hot meal to 2,800 homebound seniors five days per week and 1,600 congregate seniors at 54 meal sites four to five days per week. Weekend and holidays meals are provided four times per year and emergency meal packs are provided annually. About 25% of the clientele live in poverty and 82% are at nutritional risk, 89% of Detroit seniors reported having at least one chronic illness and 39% reported having three or more chronic illnesses including hypertension, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program was conducted at 5 senior centers and community recreation centers in urban locations. The racial and ethnic mix of participants includes African Americans, West Indies , Latinos, and Italians. To conduct the nutrition mini-talk portion of the program Detroit AAA enlisted the help of local, retired Registered Dietitians. Feedback from older adults who participated in the Eat Better and Move More 12 week Program:

•  I couldn't believe that I walked out of Red Lobster without doggie bag!

•  Since joining the class I am now walking daily and eating less my clothes are fitting better. My goal is to wear a new dress I bought 2 years ago this New Year.

•  The walking has got me more energy to get about.

•  This walking has made my day!

•  I learned about calcium. I should have learned this along time ago. I have a bad hip

•  I have learned how to eat better; serving sizes; has encouraged my wife to do the same. May back feels better since I have been walking. This program motivates me to walk.


East St. Louis Township Senior Citizens
Activity Center

Clyde Jordan Center

6755 State Street

East St. Louis , Illinois 62203

Phone: 618-293-6700

Contact: Lillian Lucas, Director

Email: llucas.ccjc@sbcglobal.net

Contact: Shirley Beltz, RN

Email: Sbeltz@jackiejoyner-kerseefoundation.org


East St Louis Township Senior Citizens Activity Center is an urban inner city site that serves primarily African American older adults; 14% live in poverty, more than double that of the surrounding communities; and 22% live alone. The center serves approximately 4,100 home delivered meals weekly and offers on-site congregate meals five days a week serving an average of 30 meals daily.  Before offering the Eat Better & Move More Program activities include d bingo (for prizes only), crafts, and table games ; no physically activities were available at the Center for participants. In partnership with the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center , East St. Louis enrolled 67 older adults in the Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program. Using the facilities of the Jackie Joyner Kersee Center , which include and indoor walking track, participants increased the number of steps walked weekly and learned ways to improve their eating.


Hillsborough County Board of Commissioner

PO Box 1110 , 25 th Floor

Tampa , FL 33601

Phone: 813-272-6630

Contact: Chui Schechter

Email: SchecterC@hillsboroughcounty.org

Hillsborough County encompasses 1,150 square mile with a range of urban, suburban, and rural populations. Hot lunch is served at 34 congregate meal sites 5 days a week. Home delivered clients receive meals 7 days per week. The program provides 45% congregate and 55% home delivered meals. The racial and ethnic clientele served include 50% white, 25% African American, and 25% Hispanic. The average age is 77 and 94% have Activities of Daily Living (ADL) impairments and are at nutritional risk.

The Eat Better and Move More program began with 102 participants at 6 sites. The sites included a hi-rise apartment building where participants are moderate income older adults of primarily Caucasian and Hispanic ethnicity. Another site was a low to moderate income apartment complex where the older adults are mostly of Hispanic and Italian backgrounds. One site was a senior center in a rural area. Some of the participants at this site started out as seasonal but have become full time Florida residents; they are primarily low income of non-Hispanic white ethnicity. Three other sites are recreation centers; an urban site made up of low income African American older adults, a suburban site comprised of low income older adults many of whom are retired from the circus industry, and a third site was located in a low to moderate income housing development.

Feedback from older adults who participated in the Eat Better and Move More 12 week Program:

•  I was told to walk by my doctor, but I didn't do it until the program started.

•  Thanks for reminding me of the things I knew years ago. You got me started on the road to good health.

•  Great! I increased my fiber and calcium. I learned how many steps it takes to make a mile. I am going to walk 2 miles everyday.

A funny story:

One of the program participants, age 80+, had a repairman come to her home. She wears her step counter on her sock. Before the man left he asked her if she was on house arrest!


Kit Clark Senior Services,
Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, Inc.

1500 Dorchester Avenue

Dorchester , MA 02122

Phone: 617-825-5000

Contact: Linnea Hagberg


Kit Clark Senior Services manages and cooks meals for 25 congregate nutrition sites and home delivered meal recipients in one half of Boston . Nearly 2,000 older adults are served monthly. The participants at this urban program include 60% Caucasian, 29% African American, 6% Latino, and 5% Asian. Nearly two thirds are age 75+.

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program is being conducted at 3 sites; a senior development with 225 apartments in a primarily African American neighborhood, a senior center where participants are of west Indian and African American backgrounds, and a community center in East Boston where the participants are of Italian and Latin descent. All locations are urban.

This program is still running no data is available.


Senior Services of Snohomish County

8225 44 th Avenue W. , Suite O

Mukilteo , WA

Phone: 425-355-1112

Contact: Martha Peppones

Website: http://www.sssc.org/

Email: mpeppones@sssc.org

Senior Services of Snohomish County serves more than 20,000 urban, suburban, and rural older adults and disabled people. Frozen home delivered meals are offer ed 7 days a week with a choice of 35 different menus. Congregate meals are served 5 days a week including 2 evening meals. The majority (70%) of the participants are female, 72% live alone, 37% are low income, 7% minority, and 64% are at nutrition risk.

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program was conducted at 3 sites; one a rural senior center, serving low income non-Hispanic white older adults, another a more urban site serving Vietnamese elders, and the third a senior housing project adjoining a rural senior center. Of the 3, the most successful was the Vietnamese site. The participants were extremely enthusiastic even though the language barrier posed an enormous challenge for both the facilitators and the participants. This sites has plans to continue walking weekly.


Southeastern Wisconsin Area Agency on Aging

125 North Executive Drive, Suite 102

Brookfield , WI 53005-6035

Phone: 262-821-4444

Contact: Brad Peele

Email: bpeele@sewaaa.com

Contact: Mary Check Smith

Email: mcsmith@waukeshacounty.gov

Southeastern Wisconsin Area Agency on Aging administers services for a 6 county planning and service area comprised of rural, urban and suburban areas. Participating in the Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program are the 3 county that make up W-O-W; Waukesha , Ozaukee, and Washington Counties . Together the 3 counties serve 112,217 meals to 2,579 older adults at 29 senior dining sites and through home delivered meals. The average of attendees is 75, 54% live alone, and majority of the regular senior dining participants have at least one or more chronic health conditions.


Valley Program for Aging Services, Inc.

325 Pine Avenue ( PO Box 817 )

Waynesboro , VA 22980

Phone: 540-949-7141

Email: vpas@cfw.com

Contact: Leslie Lindsay Smith

Email: llsvpas@hotmail.com

Valley Programs for Aging Services (VPAS) mission is “Helping people aged 60 plus to maintain their independence and dignity.” VPAS provides both home delivered and congregate meals, adult day care, and homemaker and personal care services to residents in 5 counties and 5 cities. In 2003, 2,424 older adults were served by VPAS accounting for 5% of the areas eligible older adults.

The Eat Better & Move More 12 Week Program was held at two sites; Bath and Highland . Both counties are very rural and are comprised of mostly mountainous terrain. The Bath center is housed in a 100-year-old renovated Church--now senior center. The Highland County Senior Center is open 3 days per week and serves 25 older adults. The Center is located in a newly renovated community center. Participants at both sites are extremely isolated; many are widows who live on small fixed incomes.

VPAS successfully completed the Eat Better and Move More 12 week program with 30 participants in Bath and 15 in Highland County , participants were predominantly women with an average age 76. Feedback from older adults who participated in the Eat Better and Move More 12 week Program:

•  “I started walking daily and feel better"

•  "I walk longer than I used to because I have more energy"

•  "I pay more attention to the amount I eat."

•  "I try to eat more fruits and vegetables"

•  "I look at the labels more now and eat whole grain bread, I didn't know why I was supposed to eat wheat and whole grains, but now I do."

•  "I found out through out the nutrition talks, that I was eating better than I thought!"



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