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Sensory Changes
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Additional self-monitoring tools in the dietary modification component of the women’s health initiative
Vision Impairment and Combined Vision and Hearing Impairment Predict Cognitive and Functional Decline in Older Women
Are Physicians Doing Too Much Colonoscopy? A National Survey of Colorectal Surveillance after Polypectomy
Relation between food intake and visual analogue scale ratings of appetite and other sensations in healthy older and young subjects
Implications of Day-to-Day Variability on Measurements of Usual Food and Nutrient Intakes
REAP and WAVE: New Tools to Rapidly Assess/Discuss Nutrition with Patients
MNA predictive value in the follow-up of geriatric patients.
Assessing the older person: is the MNA a more appropriate nutritional assessment tool than the SGA?
Individual assessment of intake of energy, nutrients and water in 54 elderly multidiseased nursing-home residents
Time for assessment of nutrition services in assisted living facilities.
Screening for vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency in older persons
What does it mean to be "at nutritional risk"? Seeking clarity on behalf of the elderly.
Temporal trends in energy intake in the United States: an ecologic perspective.
Nutritional assessment: a primary component of multidimensional geriatric assessment in the acute care setting.
Appropriate and effective use of the NSI Checklist and Screens.
Enhancing taste, texture, appearance and presentation of pureed foods improves resident quality of life and weight status
Impact of a computer based nutrient analysis system on reducing time for obtaining calorie counts.
Estimating the nutrient intake of older adults: Components of variation and the effect of varying the number of 24-hour dietary recalls.
Records 1 to 18 of 18

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